Our Story

Co-founders, Susie & Robbie Owens conceived the idea of Abundant Birth through their personal birthing journey. The couple learned they were expecting their daughter at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Isolated by the pandemic and struck with anxiety from a high-risk pregnancy, Susie & Robbie experienced grief that this moment of their lives didn’t look or feel as joyous as expected. That experience sparked a thought for the couple about increasing joy for birthing people by crafting unique gifts for them. Then, Abundant Birth was born.

Who We Are

Abundant Birth is an Omaha-based online store that offers personal care products for preconception, pregnancy and postpartum delivered in special gift boxes. We fill the gap in the market for inclusive birth journey products.

Our Mission

Abundant Birth strives to deliver inclusive personal care gifts and products that bring joy to birthing experiences.

Our Vision

We envision holistic self-care and restorative products for birthing people are inclusive, equitable and accessible.

Our Values


We believe in changing the face of self-care gifting through our platform where birthing people, their partners, circles of support, and suppliers feel seen and powerful.


We believe in fair and equitable access to products that shine the light on diverse family cultures with varying outcomes in their birth journeys.


We believe giving quality and culturally relevant gifts lets the receiver know that they are cherished. We choose each product intentionally to magnify the wellness of our clientele.


We believe birthing people and new parents deserve to be deeply loved throughout their journeys. Their holistic well-being as they create new generations, establish new families, or experience loss is a collective responsibility in which we participate.


We believe the times before, during, and after pregnancy, surrogacy, adoption, or fostering are precious. Families—biological or chosen—need ways to delight in each moment and step through challenges with grace.